There’s light at the end of the tunnel for Germany’s addicted gamblers. Gemeinsame Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL) has received multi-year funding to run its free gambling addiction hotline. Early reports indicate this deal will support the Federal Center for Health Education’s project for the next few years. This project will be widely regarded as the BZgA hotline. 

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Who Will Fund Germany’s Free Gambling Addiction Hotline?

According to a statement by GGL, this funding was gotten from big names in the German Gambling Industry. For instance, a third of the entire funding will be contributed by the totoblock DLTB, German slot machine industry DAW, and the German Lotto. 

Other organizations that will find the BZgA hotline include the local sports betting association DSW, the casino association DSbV, the federal association of private individuals casinos BupriS, Germany’s online casino association DOCV, and lotto association.

While the GGL clearly stated that the deal was regularly renegotiated, this regulator will protect the funding at all costs because of the potential benefits it will offer. One of GGL’s board members, Benjamin Schwanke emphasized that these telephone advice would have a profound effect on any affected persons. 

He further pointed out that the online gambling market in the area was now focused on prevention work and alleviation. It was encouraging to see that the key players in the German gambling market were quick to contribute to this project. 

How will the Free Gambling Addiction Hotline Help Players?

The BZgA hotline would be the first point of contact for anyone suffering from gambling problems in the country. The affected person would receive a phone call that will offer confidential information and education on how to mitigate gambling addiction. Depending on the severity of the scenario, the player will have access to existing local support and specific advice on certain life challenges that may have caused this gambling behavior. 

Players, relatives and any interested parties can seek help from 0800 137 2700. This hotline is always open on Monday to Thursday from 10am – 10pm and Friday to Saturday from 10am – 6pm. 

Germany’s Gambling Addiction Problem

You’d do well to note that the BZgA hotline is part of the government’s best efforts to mitigate Germany’s gambling problem. Reports show that almost 1.3 million German adults suffer from a gambling disorder while another 3.3 million adults already display initial signs of gambling addiction. This report was released by Germany’s Federal Drugs Commissioner Burkhard Blienert. 

Which Germans are Susceptible to Gambling Addiction?

It was further discovered that young and middle-aged men between 21 – 35 years were most susceptible to this problem. People with psychological disorders and heavy alcohol consumption were also at risk of this addiction. People with a history of migration also belong to this category. All these categories of people often rely on gambling as a form of self-medication to cope with trauma or dwindling finances. 

Certain sports, like football, were guilty of exposing their support to several betting adverts. Bwin is one of the largest bookmakers in the area and has several partnerships with the Germany Football Association, Union Berlin, St. Pauli, Borussia Dortmund, Dynamo Dresden and Cologne. As a result, it was almost impossible to watch live football matches without visiting several betting commercials. 


It’s safe to say that the blame for Germany’s raging gambling addiction must go round from sport organizers to gambling bookmakers and the government. No doubt the German gambling market rakes in tens of billions of Euros worth of revenue, but the effect on the society are profound. However, all hope isn’t lost. With the launch of this hotline, many affected people will get help and this may alleviate the problem considerably. 

What is the duration of the free gambling addiction hotline?

It’s stated that the free gambling addiction hotline is a multi-year deal but no particular duration is given. If the project can secure more funding it can last as one decade. 

Who regulates gambling in Germany? 

Gamblings is regulated by the Gemeinsame Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL). This association is also responsible for the BZgA hotline. 

How many organizations are funding the free gambling addiction hotline? 

This financing of this project is handled by several key players in Germany’s gambling market including the German Lotto, German slot machine industry DAW, Germany’s online casino association DOCV, the totoblock DLTB, etc.

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